About Us

Two years ago, we were both devastated by the symbolism of the Brexit referendum. We are now determined to do our bit in the fight against the forces of isolationism – against the whole concept of Brexit and its unsavoury implications for people like us.

We have always believed that to be a Citizen of the World was a good thing. Being interested in different cultures and languages, being at ease in other countries, tolerating differences as well as celebrating the best that various national identities had to offer, creates a greater common understanding.  We reject the idea that to be a citizen of the world is a matter of class or a mark of elitism, and we reject the idea that the Britain of the 21st century can be a place where it is a dirty word.

If you feel the same, please follow our updates and please do get in touch and tell us your stories, and help us change the narrative from backward-looking and nativist to a grown-up discussion about how we can all live together without rancour.

Suna Erdem and Ines Respini Jones
Suna Erdem is a freelance journalist and former Times foreign correspondent who has lived and worked in the UK, Italy and Turkey. She has written for publications including The Times and the Sunday Times, the New York Times, the Toronto Globe and Mail, Prospect Magazine and the New European.  After studying modern languages at university, she began her career as a graduate trainee with Reuters, applying to the news agency for its international scope and outlook.
Ines Respini Jones runs her own HR consultancy business working with SMEs and start-ups, having previously worked in project management for international telecoms organisations. She is a dual Norwegian and Italian national who grew up in France and Switzerland, studied in Paris and Boston, and has made the United Kingdom her home. Ines has travelled extensively, and believes being internationally minded – having a deep sense and awareness of other people, cultures,  countries and customs – is a vital skill for the  global and interconnected world we live in.